… is a nifty little tool that creates links from keywords in your article text.

    One obvious way to use it is when you have some article that you want to post to all of your parasite hosted sites.

    With this tool you can take any old PLR and stuff some links in the text before you post it.

    It’s not a tool that does everything or automates a whole lot, but saving a couple of minutes here and there is the difference between a sustainable and a failing business.

    DOWNLOAD the Keyword Linker now!

    jsiKeywordLinker requires .Net Framework.

    The easiest way to get exactly what you need is to go here: http://www.hanselman.com/smallestdotnet/ and klick on the blue badge.


    I’ll add to this if I get some questions …

    Paste the text from an article in the left area of the main window, or use file open to fetch the article from disk.

    Add your keywords and urls by selecting Keywords/Edit, or Urls/Edit in the menu.

    Close the window when your done.

    You can save the list of keywords and/or urls with their options in the menu.

    Under Replace in the menu you can set whether you want random urls for your links or if you want all available urls in a spinner syntax. You can also set whether existing urls should be replaced with your urls.

    Replace/Do it! in the menu does all the magic.

    If you have loaded keywords and urls you can make the work go even faster:

    Copy your text, click the text field for the original text and the press CTRL + D. That will replace the ‘original’ text with whatever is in the clipboard, run the replace command and then put that text in the clipboard for you to paste anywhere else.

    Give it a go and try it out.