jsiBitBot - Bitcoins without mining

    This tool automate sites that pay out bitcoins for doing different tasks.

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    You can enter captchas by your self, but you will need an account at De-captcher to make this bot work without your constant input.

    I own Captcha Sniper but use De-captcher for jsiBitBot anyway. **The minimum deposit will go a long way ** and most of the sites use captcha images that I haven’t managed to solve with Captcha Sniper.

    Please don’t buy Captcha Sniper just to use it with jsiBitBot.

    As you probably can tell this is arbitrage between solving captchas cheap and the raising price of bitcoins. If you use De-captcher you will be charged $2.50 per one thousand solved captchas.

    jsiBitBot requires the .Net Framework.

    The easiest way to get exactly what you need is to go here: http://www.hanselman.com/smallestdotnet/ and click on the blue badge.

    DOWNLOAD the Bitcoin Robot here NOW!



    1. Install the application. It will start when the install is done.

    2. Enter the bitcoin address you want to receive bitcoins to.

    3. Enter your captcha solving information or enable manual captcha entry.

    4. You will be prompted to create an account at Coinad. Create an account. Log in and choose ‘Remember me’.

    DilyBitcoin and CoinAd will delay your payments, remember to go there once in a while to make a withdrawal.

    There is a watch dog that should stop a bot if it misbehaves, it has some trouble detecting a bot that gets in to a loop though.

    If you want to enter individual bitcoin addresses for each bot you can do that by right clicking the header of a bot and follow the instructions.

    Here are the settings I use for Death by Captcha

    Death by captcha settings

    Here are my settings for Captcha Sniper (that I don’t recommend you buy for this.)

    Death by captcha settings

    Death by captcha settings

    13.52 Added an option to put a bot on hold by right clicking it’s caption in the list to the left.

    13.48 Clear the clipboard when I’ve gotten the Capthca image from the browser.

    13.47 Now I got the CaptchaSniper integration to run on my test machine.

    13.46 Fixed a bug when using CaptchaSniper. Added: fr33bitcoins.com, freebitcoins4u.com, bitcoins4free.me, bitcoinspain.net, btcmine.net, greencoins.org, nioctib.net, thebitcoin.me, virtualfaucet.com, freebtc4all.com, elbitcoingratis.es, canhasbitcoin.com, bitcoinfaucet.tk, faucetbtc.com CoinAd: Fixed a timing error and the wait indicator

    13.41 Fixed an unhandled error when the ad site doesn’t respond.

    13.37 Tiny fix for CaptchaSniper users.

    13.36 Added manual entry of captcha text. Fixed error when testing captcha service. I tried to delete the test image. Moved an removed a couple of registry keys. All settings should be in HKCU/Software/jsiBitBot now. Added optional bitcoin addresses for each bot.

    13.34.1 I had totally screwed up the saving the settings for new users. Should be working again now. Thanks Lauri!

    13.34 Remove DailyBitcoins for a while. Fixed Captcha Test button and the check for updates button.

    13.33.2 Remove external Internet Explorer windows Stop and start the applicaion when installing a new version.

    13.33.1 A change on Dailybitcoins Fixed an error in the Bitvisitor bot

    13.33 Started implementing a forced restart of a bot by double clicking it’s name. Small fixes to accomodate site changes on CoinAd and DailyBitcoins Handle an error when solving captcha in the latest bots.

    13.30.1 Added six sites paying twice an hour.


    Fix to enable logging in to CoinAd


    Fixed an error when saving the capthca image.


    Added a new bot for Bitcoin4you.

    Worked a bit with timers and scheduling.


    Save current time as last try for a stopped bot


    Will stop a bot if it isn’t done in 10 minutes. Release 13.28

    • I got the new CoinAd.com to work quite well.

    • I remade the user interface.

    • I remade the internal scheduling of bots.

    • The check for a new version was totally wrong.

    • Added reporting of some failed captchas.

    • Muted the sound in the application if you are running Windows Vista or later

    Release 13.26

    Small fix to error handling in bot for EarnFreeBitcoins.

    Signed the installer with a verified certificate.

    Release 13.16

    Accidentally released 13.15 with a debug setting that disables autostart of all bots.

    The update checker was a bit aggressive :) Now it will pop one dialog between 5 and 6 pm.

    Release 13.15

    Changes on Dailybitcoins.org Release 13.09

    Added a bot for CoindAd.com Release 13.08

    Bug fix. Null reference exception after clean install.

    Removed the crappy software bundle that contained spyware. Release notes 13.07

    Made the bots a bit more autonomous.

    Fixed a typo in the download link on this page so that you actually CAN download it now :)

    Made the bots a bit more autonomous.

    Added earnfreebitcoins.com Release notes 13.05

    First release, more to come I suspect.

    Automates dailybitcoins.org and bitvisitor.com

    Here’s the PAD for software directories.