jsiBitBot release 13.36


    I’ve improved the error handling a bit, but there are still some exceptions popping up. When you see an exception dialog just click continue. Nothing catastrophic will happen.

    Not visible to most users, but I’ve cleaned up the registry keys used by the application.

    You can now enter a bitcoin address per bot by right clicking the title of each bot. As you will see you can also restart a bot from there.

    I’ve also added the option to enter captchas by your self. In the settings tab there is a check box to enable manual capthca entry. When jsiBitBot wants to solve a captcha it will show a window where you can enter the code. If you’re not at the computer it will use the configured captcha service after 10 seconds.

    Sadly I have not had time to repair the DailyBitcoins bot yet, but it is on my schedule along with a CoinTube bot.

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    You can download the new release here.