InstallMonetizer improvements


    A while back I made a post regarding InstallMonetizer that turned into some whining about how the bundled installer from them looked.

    My intentions with the post was mostly to tell my (complaining) users what was happening but I also had some hope of making a change by speaking about my perceived problem.

    In a week or so after posting my complains I got a polite email from Jay at InstallMonetizer wanting to know what they could do to make me use their service again.

    Last week I got a new message from Jay telling me that they’ve fixed the thing I complained about and that I would see the change this Tuesday.

    So; this post is mostly a confirmation that the ‘decline’ button looks OK in my bundle for logview4net.

    I can’t see any settings on the InstallMonetizer site for bundles so I don’t know if this change was made only for me or for everyone.

    At least you now know that you can get an honest decline button if you decide to start using InstallMonetizer and that Jay is doing what he can to make his service the goto choice for software bundles.