RepRapPro Mendel build notes day two


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    Today I started off by measuring everything and tightening the nuts. Now it’s time for a diagonal rod on the bottom of the printer and a z-axle rod.

    To adjust the printer so that it doesn’t rock, the manual recommends placing it on a thick kitchen bench. I have a glass stove so I placed it there. It should be level enough.

    There are two examples for adjusting the Z and Y rods in the instructions. One where a set-square is the magic tool and one that uses a spirit-level, blue tack and some string. I started out with the set-square method.

    Now the grinder got to work again. the smooth rods needed a small cone shape to make them easier to assemble and not stick in plastic or bearings.

    I didn’t really get it with the set-square, so I ended up using a nut and some sewing thread to make the rods really vertical.

    The markings on my motors didn’t look like in the instruction, but since there were four equal motors and one off, it wasn’t that hard to figure out which to start with. I assume the four are for positioning and the one off is for moving plastic into the extruder.

    One motor is assembled and the plate that the Z-motor should move is put together with it’s bearings and rods.

    Getting to tired, so I’ll end this days work.