RepRapPro build notes


    RepRapPro Mendel 3D Printer

    These build notes were written Swedish first.

    The other day a got a package that was a bit heavier than all the electronics I’ve been buying lately.

    It’s a box full of nuts, washers, rods and plastic parts. My intention is to have them look like the picture above when I’m done.

    Before starting the build I read through all about putting the frame together at the RepRap wiki.

    Since I don’t think I’ll get the frame done in one evening I prepared with some painters tape to mark any assemblied parts before I put them in the box again. I don’t have enough space to have the build up when not working on it and I still miss some tools that I will need later on. I guess this will take a couple of weeks.

    Well, now I’ve spent more time writing than building; let’s get this party started.

    First up are the side triangles.

    All plastic parts were mixed in a large bag so I envisioned a whole lot of sorting nuts and washers but those were sorted in small zip-lock bags. This far it’s IKEA level of the build.

    I finally got some use for my multi-drill/grinder. The rods were a bit sharp at the edges, so I ground them a bit to make them easier to work with.

    When building you get an option to add a lot of nuts and washers to the top rods. They would be used for some future add-ons. I took the guides advice and opted out of them. If I regret that decision I guess there will be an angry post later on.

    Screw, screw, screw. I did get some help from the children to count washes and nuts. It’s nice to create things together.

    Woops, I put one of the triangle sides in the wrong place. I’m glad it’s just nuts to screw at this stage. Making soldering errors is what scares me the most with this build.

    Now I’m done with most of the frame, there is some tightening and adjusting to be made and there is a diagonal rod at the bottom missing.

    This will do for today.