Personalized search



    Sometimes the personalized search Google uses when logged in is a little troublesome.

    I have two totally different interests that happen to share a central search term. The problem I got this week was that I had not searched for one of the niches in a long time. That made Google show only results for one of the niches.

    The search term that got me is ‘poi’

    According to Wikipedia one term is widely used in cartography and the other is a performance art).

    So, one of the things I do is geocaching. While geocaching POI is short for ‘Point Of Interest’, a kind of data that you can put in to most GPS Receivers

    The other is more artistic and easiest to describe with a video or two.

    What happened to me was that the first three pages when searching for ‘poi’ was only about GPS Receivers and geocaching when I really wanted to find some Swedish online shop for fire pois and some safety instructions I thought would be nice to have before I start hurling kevlar balls drenched in flammable liquids around me.

    My little trick to solve this dilemma is to add ‘-gps’ to the search. That will tell Google to remove all search results containing GPS information from my poi search.