Wikileaks - Where did democracy and free speech go?


    The fact that Sweden had an even closer military cooperation with the U.S. than most people suspect does not disturb me very much. It scared me more that I wasn’t surprised.

    What disturbs more is that the state apparatus in the countries that we like to call democratic act like five year olds as soon as it affects them.

    It’s one thing to confiscate domain names , strangle internet access and access to money , but when high-ranking politicians in the” democratic “states are talking about execution and assassination of an informant those states are not one bit better than China or Iran.

    I think the first three assaults are clearly not democratic, but to publicly speak of assassination should make the most level-headed people worried.

    In some ways, I think Eric Schmidt actually is right; If you have nothing to hide you have no need to worry.

    I can understand that the states get upset if their military secrets are revealed, but the latest round of documents appears to be mostly revelations that falls back as embarrassment of public figures.

    That’s probably the reason why governments starts to behave like this. The problem is not that Wikileaks leaks dangerous information, the problem is that the public finds out how bad their elected representatives behave. It has nothing with military security to do.