Board work in tenant-owner's associations


    I have created a site to help the board work in tenant-owner’s associations here in Sweden and I really want it to take off. There is enough functionality in there now to let people in, so I guess it’s time to start that weird people part called marketing. I wish @garyvee had written more about how to hustle. At least I am passionate about it. If people gets me started at lunch I am talking about it like there’s no tomorrow.

    It is not that I want to quit my day job ‘cause I actually like my job. I really want to help all the tenant-owner’s associations to have better boards of directors. The best part is that I am the secretary of the board where I live so I have some insight to board work in these organizations.

    The strenuous part is that  there are not that many articles I could write with essential key words in to get some attention to the application. Apart from that my prejudice tells me I have to convince a lot of non computer savvy people to change the ways the do what they have always done.

    It’s a nice challenge.