Will Bush be sent to Hague now?


    Since no country has the power to chase down an ex ruler of the USA but USA it self, now is probably the time to stand up for justice.

    Wouldn’t it be a huge statement if Bush was sent to trial in Hague for his crimes against international law by the new administration.

    It’s probably a pipe dream ant I wonder if that would lead to civil war in the USA.

    An ex leader from almost any other country that had behaved like Bush would have been hunted for life.

    I don’t mind bringing terrorists to to court, but keeping suspects in weak foreign countries to circumvent the domestic law and calling them illegal warriors to circumvent international law is straight up bullying to me.

    Maybe all the countries that USA owe money could gather and put some collective preassure on them. That seems to be a weak point of the super power that is open to exploit right now.