Time Sharing


    Cloud computing as it is presented by the big vendors right now looks a lot like time sharing of main frames. In the previous post I wanted Microsoft to offer Windows Azure for in house hosting. That would really shorten the time span to repeat the time sharing history of companies buying parts of the capacity of something expensive and then affording to have all the capacity for them selfs.

    I think cloud computing is more beneficial to the organizations that has grown, or plans to grow,  out of standard web hosting. They don’t already have the physical infrastructure needed to support their activities and probably not the competence and time needed to keep an operating system running online.

    It would be nice if standard web hosting was more scalable. If you’re among 2000 other sites on a box there will be problems if your site gets popular and the hosting is not automatically scalable.

    I don’t want to learn enough Linux and Apache to host my own server, be it virtual or not. What I need is some advice or even rules to follow that will make my web applications automatically scalable when needed. Of course I can still write crappy code but at least my success is not hindered from the beginning.

    Hopefully both Google and Microsoft will put their offerings in production mode soon so that we can start building the next Facebook without concern of our web host.