Podcasts on the Sansa Clip



    I bought a Sansa Clipa couple of days ago because I didn’t want to carry around my cell phonejust to listen to podcasts.

    A ‘feature’ of the Clip became a major pain for my podcast listening though. It will take all MP3:s that has ‘podcast’ as category and treat them in a special way. It will do that even if they are referenced in a playlist. It is realy annoying to find the playlist created by jsiPodFetch empty on the player.

    I ended up adding some code to jsiPodFetch that resets the ID3-tags on all MP3:s as they are copied to the plyer. Now the category is ‘other’, album is ‘jsiPodFetch’, artist is the feed name and title is the title taken from the feed instead of the original title in the MP3.

    It fixed my Sansa Clip problem and it also makes the display on the player show the same episode titels as jsiPodFetch.

    I will make a release with the tag resetting and a lot of other bug fixes as soon as I can set up a decent testing environment.