I have way to much to do and all of it is by my own choice. I have some school work that should have been done two weeks ago and I am already behind with the math studies that I started this semester.

    I haven’t done any academic math for about twenty years and it looks like I wasn’t taught the same amount of math that students today read at the same level.

    On top of that there are loads of things I want to do with logview4net, jsiPodFetch, jsiServiceManager and two Swedish sites I am working on. (For you Swedish readers one of them is and the other one is still in the design phase.

    If this was all work related stuff I would make a list and tick them of off one at a time, but now I am totally irrational. I sit down to work but I get nothing done. There is just one more blog post to read and one more WoW quest to do.

    I recently added the UserVoice widget to so please make sugestions and vote for them. At least that will help me prioritize work on the jsisoft side of things.