Scrum and Continuous Integration


    I’ve been rambling about Continuous Integration a couple of times before and I just noticed that I have misspelled Continuous every time so I guess I’ll just have to go through all of my old posts and correct that. I have, on the other hand, gotten a lot of Google traffic from fellow misspellers around the world.

    Here’s a google search with misspelled articles, and here’s a search with the corrected ones.

    If you find any weird language constructs or words in the future please tell me. A big reason for blogging at all is to keep my english alive.

    Anyway, I was thinking a bit more on Scrum and it struck me that Scrum is Continuous Integration for people. I know it won’t take a genius get that idea, but it made me feel even more comfortable with Scrum. I like to enable continuous delivery of value to the customer.

    A customer should be able to stop a project (almost) any time and still get some value out of it.