I'm a scrum novice


    I have been forced to learn what Scrum is due to two independent assignments.

    So in the spirit of learning stuff by myself I just read Agile Software Development with Scrum and I’ve got Agile Project Management with Scrum in the pipe.

    It struck me that Scrum is a little like it has turned out when I, and the good developers around me, have had some saying in the organization of software development.

    I’m by far an expert in the field but I get the feeling that it will be hard to convince a customer to embrace Scrum. I would gladly work in a Scrum team though.

    My Scrum encounters this far is by one customer that want to use Scrum in a project to migrate a rather large application from VB6 to .NET, and one customer where I helped them inspect and evaluate a software supplier (and their software) that uses Scrum for their application development.

    Done in the right way I really think it enables both transparency and creative thinking.