Support free software


    Do what you can to support the free software you are using.

    I estimate the user base of my free software to about 1000, but over the years I have only been in contact with a hand full of them. It would help me a lot with the future development if I got to know what the users want to have and what they don’t like about it right now. A friendly note or a feature request means a lot to me and I’m quite sure other developers feels like that too.

    We, free software developers, spend a lot of time developing our software and some hard earned money to keep our websites and internet connections running.

    If you like a product and want to support it go to it’s home page and check out it’s sponsors. That way the developer will get some money and the advertiser will get some traffic. It will benefit a lot of people. You don’t have to donate ‘real’ money but the developer will still get some monetary support and it’ll build your karma.

    So the next time you use your favorite freeware; take minute and figure out how you can contribute to it.