Save your performance baseline


    Here’s a one week old post I forgot to publish:

    I did some performance testing and fixing in logview4net today, but I threw away the baseline performance report. I managed to shave some processing time, but I only kept the previous report so I am not certain how much I saved. It’s a stupid mistake but hopefully I’ll not make it again now that I’ve told you about it. Save your baseline for future comparison when doing performance optimizations.

    Almost all processing time is spent on appending and sometimes formatting text to a RichTextBox. It is not as fast as I would like it to be. I could probably write something that does what I want myself, but I guess someone has already done that. All the functionality of the RichTextBox is not needed for logview4net. I only need to change the font and color properties of parts of the text. There are no editing, tables, bullets, images or anything else that I guess is complicated to do.

    After some more communicating with a nice user it seems that the performance is mostly annoying when loading a large file. It is a scenario I didn’t build it for at all. It is build to show one message a time and hence has relatively much time to process it.

    …anyway; A new release that works a little bit better in this scenario is on the way. I got the load time for this file down from more than one hour (I killed the process after that.) to less than 30 seconds.