Performance issues in logview4net


    I recently got a message from a user who had performance issues with logview4net when using the pause function in combination with lots of incoming events. Since pause is probably mostly used in situations when there are lots of events I guess more users than Bill and I have noticed it before. I have two cores on my main machine so I usually just let it be until logview4net has recovered by it self. The problem is that almost all processing of an event takes place when it is time to display it, not when it is received. When running in normal mode this is ok, but when coming back from pause mode this places a big burden on the display thread.

    I’ve made a change today so that the application does all processing of an event, except the coloring, before it is sent to the cache when in pause mode. That way the processor utilization should be almost the same when in pause mode as when running normally.

    I will make the new release in the first week of January to get the nice version number 8.01