I'm MCTS in BizTalk


    Last Thursday I took the 70-235 exam from Microsoft and as the post title hints I passed. I haven’t really looked at BizTalk much since it was in Beta a couple of years ago. I did some workshop like sessions with a couple of our customers managers about it but we didn’t get any real BizTalk cases back then. During the years I have been working on other things and some colleagues of mine has taken the BizTalk jobs.

    I did some hard studying for a week and got a score of 799. Almost all of my reading was in BizTalk Foundations. I did all of the demos in the book as it really covers most of the BizTalk package.

    It must be hard to make the exams in such a way that they reflect actual knowledge of the product and not just a lot of remembered trivia. I would not call myself an expert in BizTalk, but I feel comfortable in taking in a job and solving the problems as they come.