Broken settings in jsiPodFetch


    The settings file for my installed jsiPodFetch was corrupted today. I probably turned of my computer while it was still saving the file. Since I know the inner workings of the application there wasn’t much of a hassle for me, but since application didn’t start at all I thing other users will just stop using it if this happens.

    At the moment I store my settings in a serialized class. One of the properties of the settings class is a typed DataSet. This makes the XML file bot big and vulnerable. I think a should move the per media data to something else than a DataSet and store that in another file. I should also try to use previously downloaded files to recreate state data if the file get corrupted again.

    The solution I am thinking about right now will use a standard OPML-file for the feeds and a per feed file for media item state. I might just skip the OPML-file and search for the per feed files in the library structure.