Suffering through a Visual Studio installation in VMware


    It is painfully slow to do disk intensive things in a virtual environment on my laptop. The disk, and hence the laptop, is getting very hot. I forgot to bring my Zalman laptop cooler to work today. A mistake I get punished for now. It is not just hot as h..l it had the sound characteristics of a hairdryer. With the cooler attached I have to stress the laptop a lot before it gets really hot.

    I’ve got an Acer 8204 and the disk is just a 5400 rpm. I think Acer opted for space instead of speed when they specced it. At home I have my virtual disks on an external drive and there I really like working in the virtual environments. Currently I have to force my laptop into the backpack so I have to leave the drive and cooler at home when I go to new workplaces. I think I will have to beg for a new laptop backpack so I can carry all my stuff. It is the closest thin I come to an office so I think it is worth the cost.