It is sometimes tough to turn down help


    About a week ago I was offered help to translate logview4net to Russian. The offer came from a gentleman owning an open sourced project for translating .NET applications.

    Of course I was thrilled by the offer. I had really thought about localizing it, but since English and Swedish is all I know I haven’t put it on top of my to do list. Most, if not all, Swedish users of logview4net are probably happy using it in English.

    Anyway; after looking at the technical solution I decided I didn’t want to use it in my application. I feel a bit bad for letting him do all the work before I looked at his solution. I assumed to much. A bad habit I really need to get rid of. I have localized one large application as an after thought and one as part of the design so my decision is at least based on some experience.

    I hope my turn down letter will be regarded as constructive criticism and not a flipped finger.

    To any one else wanting to write tools for localizing applications; there a lots of stuff that works in the .NET framework. Try to create tools for all the things that are missing instead of starting from scratch.