Coding is fun


    … and so is solving problems using software.

    Consolidating documentation and writing for the sake of wasting bits is utterly boring.

    I have a hard time writing for an audience that I know will not take the time to understand what I write if I make it unambiguous. But most of the time they will make weird assumptions if there is a tiny hint of ambiguity.

    I can totally understand that not all people grok software development, but I’ve always thought logical thinking was the killer feature of mankind. Recent encounters makes me wonder though.

    This also leads to the importance of a well defined vocabulary. I waste huge amounts of commas and parentheses when writing systems related documentation because I can not allow myself to make any assumptions at all about the readers current knowledge and taste in words.

    So I guess it’s my fear of ambiguity that makes my writing unreadable. At least I’m not spreading any misinformation :)

    …and while I’m writing about my writing: My sentences are way to long and I don’t know if it’s OK to start one with ‘But’ just to skip a comma in the previous one.