Old PC working again


    I’ve got the old PC up and running again. It was no easy quest to find a matching motherboard for an ancient computer. I ended up buying a used board. The current plan is to run it as a file- and svn-server mainly, but I had to keep running XP so the kids can do their stuff on it. I will probably have the svn repository on the system disk and back it up daily to the other disk. I will also make some kind of offsite backup of critical data, like source code and pictures. My free 2GB account at Diino will definitively be enough for the source code. I might even be able to ftp it to my web host. All pictures are a different story. I think I’ve got over 2GB already. On the other hand; I am thinking of moving my web site to Dreamhost and they offer a lot of space for their hosting plans.

    I haven’t finally decided if I should run Subversion my self. If I go to Dreamhost I can use svn there, but then it will be unavailable when my crappy internet connection drops. It will be available when I’m not at home though, and I wont have to keep my box running all the time. That will probably save me a lot of money per year.

    If only people could click more on my ads so that my internet activities become self financing. I’ve got a donation button if someone feels like helping me move to Dreamhost.