No SVN, bummer


    I’m using OpenSVN to manage the source code to some of my projects, but it has been down for a couple of days now. That is a real pain. IT is (was) a free service so have expected that it would shut down eventually.

    I don’t have a computer that I can run SVN on. I do all my programming on the same machine so I could possibly run SVN or (evil thought) SourceSafe on that and use Diino for external backup. But I am a bit to lazy to set up backup routines ad manage the SVN server.

    The SVN host I have seen online are a bit to expensive for me. I’d gladly use a cheap one with a low up time guarantee, as long as they make some kind of guarantee.

    Hmm, maybe it would be possible to sign up as a reseller for one of the big server farms and sell hosted SVN.

    (Just two seconds after I posted this OpenSVN was up again but I really have to get something a little more reliable.)