First service release of jsiPodFetch


    Today I did the first service release of my podcast downloader; jsiPodFetch. The new version is 7.35 (I use year and week for version numbering) and this is what i have fixed since 7.33:

    • App disappears when minimizing.

    • Blue ‘light’ turned of after first downloaded item. Even if there were more.

    • It takes to long to open the initial window.

    • Items in new feed wasn’t downloaded until restart of application.

    • The free space calculation fails when copying files.

    • Add a license dialog to installer.

    • Removed the question for folder on start when the player is not connected.

    • Send user to website on F1

    • Missing data in feeds causes internal exceptions. (Changed exception text. Errors on per item, not per feed.)

    • Lowering the size limit on the player while having ‘to much’ data on the player will create internal errors. (The app works OK though.)

    jsiPodFetch is an application that helps when listening to podcasts in phones or other media players. It downloads media to your PC, creates a playlist and copies the media to your player.