Describing the itch


    Now that I have released jsiPodFetch I have some marketing to do. It is definitively a task I am not comfortable with. I even find it hard to explain what the program does in an understandable way.

    In reality the application doesn’t do very much and that is what I like the most about it. I think (hope) that people will be able to use it without much explanation.

    …anyway; the itch I had was that I had trouble copying podcasts to my phone and keep track of what I had listened to. I also wanted to have a playlist every time I copied the media to the phone so that I would get a decent listening order. My Sony Ericsson sorts tracks by filename if there is no playlist. jsiPodFetch will also do wonders with my (very) old MP3 player because it writes the files to the player in the order they should be played.