The Long Tail and The Diamond Age


    I’m almost done reading The Long Tailby Chris Anderson. It is the kind of book where I feel I’ve thought of the basic ideas presented before. Not that I could have written it myself though. Far from. Chris describes the long tail as all the small niches that doesn’t get any shelf space at Best Buy, but are very lucrative when exposed on the web. This is because web sites like Goggle and iTunes helps bringing niche consumers and niche producers together. It also looks like more and more people are turning away from being hit consumers when it becomes easier to find just the right niche products.

    Anyway; this infinite range of products got me thinking about The Diamond Ageby Neal Stephenson. This book portrays a world where mankind has mastered nano technology so that it is possible to crate almost anything on a molecular level. It is a world where diamonds are cheaper than glass since diamonds are made of carbon atoms in straight lines as opposed to the internal chaos of glass. In the homes, of those that can afford it, there are machines that can create things. These machines are connected to a feed from which they get the materia needed. In this post information-industry world the feed is as much class barrier as internet for us today.