Planning to switch web host


    The paid posts I have started doing here is because I want to finance a new web host. The current one is unbelievably cheap. Cheap as in low cost. But I am starting to have some performance issues though. The service of Manufrog has been very good this far. I will probably keep a site or two with them even in the future.

    My sites does not have very much traffic, but on days with a couple of hundred visitors I get server errors and time outs. I’ll stay with Manufrog for a while longer and hope it’s just a temporary glitch.

    Anyway; I am thinking about moving to DreamHost but unless I pay for a year in advance there is a setup fee of $49.95. I can see why they want do do it like that, but I think it locks customers to them in an unhealthy way. It seems to be a common thing though.

    I have used DreamHost before and was pleased with their service. I canceled the account because I couldn’t justify the cost for just having my own e-mail addresses.

    BlueHost and HostGator are also quite compelling. Their offers a quite alike, but they have no setup fees. It is such a tough choice and it is hard to find honest reviews of web hosts. Most sites I find are full of affiliate links (like the ones in this post) so their opinions are questionable.

    So… If anyone feel like helping me please go to and click the PayPal Donate button.