logview4net and Windows Vista


    For my upcoming release of logview4net I did the manifest magic to elevate the process to run as administrator. I did this because I kept getting SecurityExceptions when I wanted to monitor the EventLog.

    I have however decided to remove the manifest so that a user would have to explicitly run the application as administrator to monitor the EventLog or other locked down resources. The reason being that I thought it was annoying to confirm the elevation when I didn’t need it and I felt like I was cheating. The UAC is there for a reason. If a user has to be explicit about elevating the process he can feel a little bit safer when running logview4net without elevation.

    By forcing elevation I also made the application impossible to run for users who are not administrators on their machine and that wasn’t very nice of me.

    I don’t know how to grant rights to the EventLog so a normal user can read it, but I will figure that out and blog about it later.