New hard drives.


    I just bought two new hard drives so I’m reinstalling everything on the (old) workstation. They are 250GB Seagate ATA disks. I will run Ubuntu Linux on one of them and Windows XP on the other. The swap files for each respective operating system will be on the drive the operating system is not on. When the operating systems are installed there will be about 200GB on each disk for storage of pictures, source code and so on.

    I managed to screw up the partitioning when installing Ubuntu so this is the second try. Being careless just takes extra time when the disks are empty.

    An interesting observation is that I get much lower wlan signal in Ubuntu than in Windows. The card is a Netgear WG311. I have read that it can be because of old drivers in Ubuntu. I’ll try to use ndiswrapper to run the same driver I use in Windows.

    If I manage to find a program to watch television via my TV-card in Ubuntu I can get rid of the Windows install all together. Hmm, it might work with Wine. I’ll give that a try.