The last three times I lost my wallet


    …in chronological order:

    The first time was not very dramatical. I actually didn’t know I had lost the wallet until a nice gentleman called me. He told me he had seen my wallet flying of the roof of my car when I drove out of the car park. He declined any cash reward so I offered him a lunch during a work day, but he never called me again.

    The second time is by far the most dramatical one. Funny enough it is also a story about my wallet flying from my car roof. Maybe I should move to a place where the sun shines all the time so I can have a car without a roof. Anyway. Me and my family was on summer vacation. We were planning to spend the day at a water park. The, expensive, tickets were bought and paid for. Well secured in my wallet. At least that was my belief. In the morning when we were going to the water park I couldn’t find my wallet anywhere. After some frantic searching it struck me that I had put the wallet on the roof of the car last night when we were going ‘home’ from the small town we spent the day in. We stayed about 30 kilometers from the town. This being the summer vacation Mecca of Sweden I was starting lose hope of the water park, my wallet and the mood of my family the remaining vacation. Not wanting to give up right away we took the car and started to drive towards the town. We were planning on having breakfast at the park so everyone was already hungry, angry and somewhat screaming. I was not on the nomination list for the ‘Best Dad’ award that morning. When we were almost 10 kilometers from the town I saw something looking like a credit card laying in the middle of the road. The road was heavily used so I couldn’t stop right there and check it out. I drove another 500 meters and parked the car. During those 500 meters I saw lots of litter at the verge of the road resembling the content of my wallet. Hope was returning. If it was the content of my wallet littering the road it must have stayed on the roof of the car for 10 kilometers. I thought someone had found the wallet in the town and thrown it out of their car window. It didn’t make sense though. The content were spread on both sides of the road for 500 meters. It had actually ridden on my car roof all the way. It had then fallen on the middle of the road and been hit by cars going in both directions. I felt I was the luckiest guy living when we found every single thing except a ‘loyal customer’ card from the local coffee shop.

    The third time was an indication of lack of sleep. When it was time for lunch at work I started looking for it in my bike bag. I didn’t find it so I thought I had left it at home. When I got home and couldn’t find the wallet where I usually put it I panicked. It struck me that I had emptied most of my bike bag at the central station in Stockholm. It was raining in the morning so I had to put on some rain protection for biking to work. I reported the loss to the police and started calling banks and so on to cancel all my cards. There was not a lot of money in there so it didn’t actually bother me that much. No one had used the cards so I took a chance and did not cancel the drivers license. The last time I got a new drivers license was a real hassle because I had no other means of identification. It is a little Kafkaesque to try to collect a new drivers license when the drivers license should be the identification. Recent readers of my blog already know what happened. I had put the wallet out of the bag at home in the morning. My wife found it in a bookshelf. I’m not sure my already overloaded brain needs a lot of new codes to learn but at least I have some shiny new cards.

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    #### Jimbo July 5, 2007 at 6:13 pm ####

    That’s pretty amusing. I’ve lost mine only once. Some [bleeep] at Heathrow. I was coming back home, though. So my wallet was almost empty (I think I lost something like €90 as well as a couple of UKPs). Fortunately, I had the emergency phone numbers for my credit cards saved in my mobile.
    Still, to this day, after almost 5 years, I haven’t found an answer to the question my GF asked me later that day. She asked “what would you have done if you were to find out about it just seconds after take off?” Maybe, I would have ordered a little Whisky. Maybe Vodka. Coffee and Whisky. Yeap, I would have ordered black coffee and whisky.