Microsoft vs. TestDriven.NET


    This article is revisited here.

    There is an ongoing conflict between Microsoft and Jamie Cansdale regarding TestDriven.NET.

    I think Microsoft is really wrong here. Is anybody really going to buy one of the non-free Visual Studio SKU’s because they want TestDriven to work? The companies that are so cheap that they don’t use the ‘real’ Visual Studio SKU’s now will probably not buy them anyway. It is still possible to run the unit test outside of Visual Studio so the cost isn’t justified for TestDriven alone.

    If Microsoft is afraid that there will be lots of other plug ins for the Express SKU’s they should make the license clear. It is not hard to state that it is against the license to extend the product in any way. If it is true that they have the same license for the commercial SKU’s as the free ones then all external plug ins that didn’t come via the VSIP program should be stopped.

    This way of treating the community makes me go to SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop for all .NET work I do independent of my employer and contractors.

    If all students looking at .NET do the same the incentive to buy Visual Studio when they start to program for a living will go away. Maybe they will even jump the .NET train and go for another development stack.