New releases of logview4net


    There’s been a hectic couple of weeks. I’ve made three releases in two and a half week so the version number is ahead of the calendar. I finally got some response from users so I’m very inspired to make logview4net even better.

    Please go here to download.

    The latest changes are:

    7.20 Added some command line configuration. Documented in the help file. Made it possible to associate the .l4n extension with logview4net

    7.19 Fixed: [1711956] When changing Poll timeout, settings not saved

    7.18 RssListener moved to core. StdOutListener moved to core (needs some more testing to go live) FolderListener moved to core. Fixed: The buttons in the config-form moves out of range when there are lots of listeners Fixed & Handled: SecuritExceptions in EventLogListener on Vista There is now a manifetst embedded that elevates the application then it starts. I have also added some error handling to fail a bit nicer on most exceptions in the EventlogListener Fixed: [1698479] When loading configuration, actions are lost Trying to parse font size as int Added security elevation to the manifest file to make the app run with admin rights in Vista. FileListener moved to core. UdpListener moved to core. Fixed: Make the installer know about .NET 2.0 Fixed bug when the program tried to look for updates and had no connection.