Why I think Vista sucks.


    Yesterday Windows Vista pushed me over the edge, I’m so back to Ubuntu whenever I can.

    Something hogged both CPU cores and the disk. Windows was totally unresponsive. After a while it blue screened and when it restarted it had to run chkdisk.

    I’ve got an Acer 8204 (Dual Core, 2GB ram) but everyting in the user interface is slow. If I click a ‘folder’ in the start menu it takes a couple of seconds before I see the items in it. So to open Word with the mouse takes almost ten seconds.

    Copying files is so slow it’s a joke.

    I often have to reboot for it to find my wifi.

    I have to run Visual Studio as adminstrator (even after the update) because one of the applications I work on need elevated privileges.

    It’s so slow compared to Windows XP that get things done faster when running XP in VmWare inside Ubuntu.

    There are more of us that are annoyed: Does Anything Work in Vista??